Both owner / distillers have established careers in engineering, finance, budgeting, and business management.  With over 40 years of combined beer making experience, both are award winning homebrewers with highly developed palates and expertise in creating high quality alcohol.   

Joe Nardecchia

Just your average Joe.  I seem to be working both sides of the street as a Distiller and a Revenuer.  Isn’t it funny how that works?  My work experience began in high volume retail, running a busy Meat Department for a local grocery store where I gained the skilled trade of Butcher.  Formally educated from the school of hard knocks, I attended finishing school at our wonderful University at Buffalo; degreed in Business, Accounting & Auditing.   I keep a day job as a Financial Auditor.

Apparently, I am not the typical accountant.  For starters, I do not golf, and if I’m forced to, I stink at it.  However; I do hunt, drag race and home brew award winning beer, mead and cider.  I have been home brewing since 1999 and have gained the skills and experience to rank as a National Beer Judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program. My homebrew specialty is Armageddon Joe’s Volcano Stout, always on tap at home.  Taking beer brewing to the next level of distillation is both intriguing and rewarding.  I am looking forward to experimenting with ingredients and flavors in distilling spirits, as I have done with home brewing beer over the years.  

Family – The cornerstone of life in my opinion.  I am the youngest of seven, God Bless my parents!  Our busy home with four brothers and two sisters was a joy to grow up in.  I could go on for pages, let’s just say it was priceless.  My Father was born near Rome, Italy and brought with him the skill of winemaking. 

We made wine each year from local grapes.  I suppose that’s where it all began.  My Family has always been supportive and my Mother is looking forward to sampling our Gin.  I have a wonderful wife and two children that have fulfilled my life.

Niagara Craft Spirits is located in a friendly community, filled with great people, fertile land, and plentiful crops.  The countryside is beautiful and welcoming.  It is the perfect setting for spirits hand crafted from local sources.  I look forward to working with my business partner in producing exceptional distilled spirits that are unique to our region.  I hope you enjoy the fruits from our passion and hard work.


Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder spent his early years picking stones, cutting firewood, making maple syrup, harvesting hay, castrating pigs, and shoveling manure on his parents’ hobby farm in rural Central NY.  Early childhood experiments with fermentation and fuel distillation were enthusiastically conducted but largely unsuccessful.  He brewed his first batch of homebrew while studying Ag Engineering at Cornell University in 1990 and has been converting starches to alcohol ever since.  A Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from UB allowed gainful employment and supported further experimentation in fermentation, allowing him to work on knowledge and organoleptic analysis of beer, eventually reaching the level of BJCP National judge; a rank achieved by fewer than 1 in 6 judges nationwide.  Common knowledge is that the secret to making excellent spirits depends on making quality wash (beer), and Todd has spent the better part of his lifetime studying and perfecting the process of converting starches into luscious fermented beverages.