UB Now Visits Niagara Craft Spirits

The team from the UB Reporter, now UB Now, came out for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  Todd, Joe and I were making a batch of Gin and taste testing a new aged smoked whiskey.  It was a fun day and the photographer caught some interesting moments.  Check out the article in UB Now for a special UB community discount.  http://ow.ly/p0eq303R3Fe

Riverworks Brewfest

Come check out Niagara Craft Spirits at the 2016 Riverworks Brewfest.  Saturday, August 27th from 6 to 9 pm.  For more information go to http://riverworksbrewfest.com/

Cocktail City

Niagara Craft Spirits is pairws up with Buffalo Proper at the first Cocktail City event.  Joe Whyte from Cocktail City has made some awesome cocktails with 1808 Silver and 1808 Gin.  Two old timey themed spirit businesses are joining forces with a futuristic theme.  The 88 Mile Per Hour is a generous helping of 1808 Silver with lemon juice, Buffalo Proper's Strawberry Basil Shrub and finished with Ginger Beer.  The Great Scott is a futuristic color changing cocktail made with 1808 Gin, Butterfly Peaflower Syrup and finished with fresh lemon juice.  


Article in the Lockport Star

Thanks to the Lockport Star for this great article.

Here's an excerpt...
Craft spirits seem to be very popular these days as is the idea of owning a craft distillery. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have their very own micro-distillery business?

Buffalo News Article

Thanks to the Buffalo News for this great article about us.  We hope everyone will enjoy it and come out and visit us.

Here is an excerpt...
The three distillery owners, Joe Nardecchia, Todd Snyder and Keith Curtachio, largely use local ingredients. They handcraft and sell their premium product – 1808 Silver Corn Whiskey, an unaged spirit handmade from traditional corn mash – as well as an 1808 Gin, on site. A Cherry-Wood Smoked Corn Whiskey has been fermenting and will soon be ready to tap into as well.

Their theme is, “Great Spirits, Small Batches.”