Our Spirits

Niagara Craft Spirits is planning a suite of spirits including white whiskey, aged whiskey, and multiple styles of gin using locally sourced corn, rye, barley and wheat.  Our spirits will span classic, historical spirits to sophisticated, refined spirits.  We have designed a small batch distillery to allow us the versatility needed to make a variety of specialty recipes to complement our core offerings.

We already have a bunch of really cool oak barrels ready to receive some good old American corn whiskey.

1808 Gold Bourbon Whiskey

 1808 Gold Bourbon Whiskey is our first barrel aged spirit.  We start with the same 1808 Silver Corn Whiskey that we sell at the distillery as an un-aged spirit.  By starting with a high quality product we insure a high quality aged spirit.  We age our spirits in hand crafted 5 gallon, charred, American white oak barrels.  Making our bourbon in small batches and aging it in small barrels allows us to make you a hand crafted bourbon that has a depth of rich flavors that is reminiscent of big batch bourbons that are aged for several years.

Savor this bourbon whiskey over ice or use it in a classic American cocktail.  

1808 Gold Bourbon Whiskey starts with a traditional corn whiskey mash using locally grown corn.  Carefully fermented with quality whiskey yeast, it is then distilled in our Kentucky made, small batch copper stills and aged to perfection in new, charred, American white oak barrels.  This authentic American bourbon is hand-made with care in Niagara County, NY as a tribute to our local agriculture and the history of this great spirit.

1808 Gold Bourbon Whiskey is currently available at the distillery tasting room in 375 and 750 ml bottles.

1808 Silver Corn Whiskey

1808 Silver Corn Whiskey is an authentic grain to bottle corn whiskey made in the American tradition.  Each bottle has over 80% locally grown corn that mashed and fermented at the distillery then small batch distilled in our American made copper stills.  Each batch highlights the flavors of true corn mash with just enough variation to make each unique.  1808 Silver is smooth enough to sip straight, but you can really appreciate the flavor with just a splash of pure water.  You can add just a splash of ginger ale or citrus sparkling water for a refreshing drink.  If you want a classic treat, 1808 Silver is wonderful in traditional cocktails where bourbon or whiskey are used.  It can even be used in stead of vodka in many cocktails to add a new dimension.  Check back to see our suggestions for holiday cocktails on the web site and available in the tasting room.  Cheers!

Niagara Craft Spirits Whiskey is made with the finest locally grown New York State agricultural ingredients and is distilled in our small batch, American made copper stills.  Hand made with care, each batch has a unique and refined character.

1808 Gin

1808 Gin is made in small batches and each batch has a unique flavor and character.  Fresh and bright, juniper is evident in the aroma and flavor along with a refreshing citrus base.  In the finish you may also be able to pick out some of the many other spices with which our gin is infused.  1808 Gin is wonderful for sipping or with a splash of tonic.  Try it in your favorite classic "Mad Men" era cocktail.

Niagara Craft Spirits Gin is a showcase for botanicals reminiscent of our favorite classic gins. It is made with local New York State Farm Wine and distilled in our small batch, American made copper stills.  

1808 Gin is distilled from wine from our Niagara Wine Trail in our small American made copper stills using fresh botanicals and spices. When served over ice or with cold mixer you may see it "louche", this slight haze are the flavor oils of the fresh botanicals becoming visible.  Try it out!